Devon Sproule
Devon Sproule

Born on an eco village in Ontario, raised on another in Virginia, singing, then busking, then touring and recording.

Charlottesville, yes. Berlin? Conquered. Then three years in Austin spent learning the word "vibe" and going on bird walks.

Married Paul Curreri in 2005. Joined up with Tin Angel Records in 2007.

Worked hard on records later liked by Village Voice, New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Observer, Guardian, Mojo, Uncut, Paste.

Got to play with lots of cool people who were almost all really nice too. Lucinda Williams, Kurt Wagner, Richie Havens, Bill Callahan, Jesse Winchester.

Collaborated with Kenyan musicians in Nairobi. Awarded Sammy Kahn award at Lincoln Center for excellence in lyric writing. Artist in residence at The Lighthouse Works Arts Initiative on Fishers Island.

Toured the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Played hackey sack with her band in Shetland. Sang with a cool choir in London. Played for four old ladies in the orthopedic ward of University Hospital in Coventry. Walked in on Kate Moss in the girls' bathroom at Later…With Jools Holland. Saw Manitoba from a Cessna. Co-wrote songs with Mike O'Neill (later released as Colours). Ate tacos.

As of spring 2015, heading off to try country living for the first time since childhood.

DEVON SPROULE & MIKE O'NEILL - You Can Come Home from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

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Devon Sproule - The Gold String
Devon Sproule
The Gold String

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Devon Sproule & Mike O'Neill

Devon Sproule - I Love You, go easy
Devon Sproule
I Love You, Go easy (2011)

Devon Sproule- Live In London
Live In London (2010)

Don't hurry for heaven
Don't Hurry for heaven!(2009)


Keep Your Silver Shined (2007)

Upstate Songs (2003)BUY IT

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