Trumpets of Death
Trumpets of Death

"Trumpets of Death step right out of the ordinary immediately and take persistence to follow... Constantly sinister, the crawling and depraved jazz harmony is pummelled with real meaning, and baffling energy” The Skinny The four-piece of Ben Wetherill, Karl D’Silva, Laura Wetherill and Alastair Neilson have created an unconventional avant-rock sound that is based around shifting and experimental song structures, Wetherill's high and tremulous tenor voice, propulsive rhythms, noise jazz and free-form melodic experimentation. 

The band worked meticulously in the studio to create the unnerving, tense wall of sound that will draw the listener deep into “Teeth + Teeth = Teeths”; a densely layered and dynamic record that demands repeated listens. “Teeth + Teeth = Teeths” was recorded, engineered and produced at Hall Place Studios and the Trumpets of Death home studio in Leeds by Richard Formby and Trumpets of Death. The EP was mastered by Carl Rosamund at Billiard Room Studios in Leeds.

Track listing:
1. The Press Gang
2. The Paper Plough
3. Jason
4. Woodrows Lament
5. Cruel Ships Captain
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Teeth +Teeth = Teeths
Teeth + Teeth = Teeths
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