The Big Bumble Bees

Dear lovely persons

Igbum and Bigbum are very happy

They're happy because they know that everybody who hears The Big Bumble Bees will be filled with joy and happiness and they will laugh so hard and smile so bigly that their lives will never be the same. As a matter of fact, Igbum and Bigbum are certain that every single person who hears this album will become so happy and joyful that that happiness and joy will swell up so bigly in them that their entire lives and even their future lives and even the lives and future lives of their friends and family and even the lives and futures lives of all the lovely persons who they hardly know and the lovely persons who they've never even met will be filled with happiness and joy -- the bigliest happiness and joy ever. It's a promise. Yeah, Baby!

With love from your big bumbly friends,

Igbum and Bigbum

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The Big Bumble Bees
The Big Bumblebees


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