Paul Curreri

This October, Tin Angel Records will proudly release The Big Shitty, the eighth album by Virginia-based songwriter / guitarist / producer, Paul Curreri.  Primarily recorded over four day's time in Berlin, Curreri's much-celebrated guitar prowess is supported by the excellent English rhythm section he's toured with for the past few years. The resulting arrangements are spacious, electric, and the performances by the core group seem graced by a sort of musical fearlessness.

The Big Shitty, on the other hand, is a place populated by characters suddenly questioning their long-trusted paths, whose gangs are in various states of dissolution. The defaults, the bumper stickers, even the tattoos look different! Explosive and evocative as always, Curreri's gutsy lyricism indicate his familiarity with the place.

Speaking of which, this fall, Paul and his wife, songwriter Devon Sproule, will be relocating to Germany's Millennium City.

Tin Angel Records hopes you enjoy Paul Curreri's The Big Shitty.

"Pitched somewhere between Dylan, Joe Henry and unplugged Springstean Curreri's songs... gives those estimable precursors a run for their money" - Mojo 4****

"Exquisite... brings a renewed eloquence to the medium." - The New Yorker

Paul Curreri: Poor Little Motorbike.

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