( r ) Drama Queen
a gay album by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo

After the autobiographic chronicles of dark times that made my previous and cathartic album “In Pink” I felt the need to do an album not so focused on myself and experiment with more of an “outsider” look instead; that's how the idea of writing music as if I was possessed by the glamorous spirits of those holy mothers that are the divas of our times came to my mind. Useless to say that at the end this is still really a lot about myself, but at least from a different perspective. “In Pink” was also, despite guest musicians being involved, mainly a solo album; so for “Drama Queen” I decided I wanted a collaborator; I found him in Daniele Pagliero (aka Lo Dev Alm) , whom I already worked with on some specific Larsen (a band I'm a member of) projects. Putting himself, his programming, bass, arrangements and devotion at my service, Daniele turned himself (poor man!) into one of my mediums to project my vision and sound into the world. Daniele will also be at my side for the “Drama Queen” live shows. The album has been, as usual, recorded, mixed, mastered and coproduced by Marco Milanesio.

...and just in case you are wondering why this is a gay album...:

Hot Summer Night
I wanted to do a tribute to the rock'n'roll genius of Jim Steinman, the original idea was actually to cover Bonnie Tyler's “Faster Than The Speed Of The Night” but I couldn't find a way to rearrange the piano part. I still want to do it and one day I probably will, but in the meantime here are myself and my beloved Paul Beauchamp (also my partner in the Blind Cave Salamander project) pretending to be Meat Loaf and Ellen Foley, even if I'm not really sure who is who...

See What The Boys In The Backroom Will Have:
Marlene sung this and James Stewart fell in love (in the movie: “Destry Rides Again”). Good ole cowboy times and even if it is not really clear why and how a German cabaret singer ended up a mistress in the Far, exp from Berlin, West, who could ever blame him?!?
My boyfriend told me she reminded him of me, he was obviously drunk at the time but even though that's what the song is about I've never seen Marlene with a white beard.
Does it make sense? It does to me!
Still I needed a Jamie Stewart for this one and luckily I know the best one (Xiu Xiu) , Carla Bozulich joined us too, and they both did a great job.

Sister Morphine
I love Marianne Faithful, the Stones, and even more I love this song. I was not sure about including it in the album cause I forced myself to avoid topics too dark and death related in “Drama Queen” (that's what my previous album “In Pink” was about and I wanted to try to avoid going so deep in darkness again, exp considering this being a gay album!) but it ended up one of my favorites also to play live.
My friend Evor of NG, Camerata Mediolanense and our new band project Almagest! plays loungy electric piano on this one.

The 6th Of August 1983
this is for Klaus Nomi.
I was a kid when he appeared on tv from another planet, or at least so I thought, and I still believe so.
My life has never been the same since then. AIDS killed him on the 6th of August 1983, I had never heard of anybody else dying of AIDS before; a mysterious alien killing bug...

The Ways To Love A Man
There are so many ways to love a man...and I know 'em all. A Tammy Wynette cover.

In my own drama queens gallery it is impossible to not include Nico. I actually wanted to include my all time fav Nina Simone too, but her art is untouchable.

Stormy Feathers
a pink feather boa to catwalk through the apocalypse with.

The End Of Time /Time Begins Again (The Queen Is Dead pt. 1 & 2)
An odyssey in two parts inspired by the 70s sci-fi tv series “Star Maidens”. In one episode the queen of a planet dominated by Barbarella-esque women dies and as a consequence time stops 'till she will eventually be resurrected or a new queen will be somehow designated. Live Daniele and I psych this one out into a potentially never-ending ear and finger bleeding acid jam...yeah...

Fatback & Champagne
It is a great match, try it with caramelized chestnuts too.

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