Ed Askew
Ed Askew

Ed Askew is maybe still best known for an album from 1968 – his psych folk masterpiece Ask the Unicorn. The cult following surrounding that ESP-Disk record has grown over the most recent decade with archival releases Little Eyes (DeStijl), Rose (Okraďna), and the astounding 1980’s recordings on Imperfiction and A Child in the Sun (both from Drag City).

Askew’s status as an important gay songwriter is not yet fully recognized. A trailblazer of the LGBT scene, was writing openly gay love songs in the macho folk scene of the late 60’s. Personified by a fully out New Haven hippie hitchhiker in white polyester suit with giant shock of bright curly red hair. An iconic but self-effacing figure who would be important to the current and future generations.

But Askew hadn’t been in a recording studio since recording Ask the Unicorn, the entirety of which was recorded in one take, until the making of Art and Life in 2016.

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Ed Askew - Art and life
Ed Askew
Art and Life

Ed Askew - AskThe Unicorn
Ed Askew
Ask The Unicorn

Ed Askew - For The World
Ed Askew
For The World

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